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Tower Bimini Tops

It will protect you from sunburns

"The Bimini tops are made to mount the confines of most wake board towers to provide shade for the driver and the copilot. With a length of 60 inches and approximately 28 inches height (from mounting points). Available in 4 different widths."

The frame consists in bright dip anodized aluminum tubing. We use the best quality hardware including stainless steel at the mounting points and black nylon elsewhere. A double tube for the main pole when the width is superior to 78’’.

Offered in bright Sunbrella acrylic colors (with 10 year warranty on color fading) our Biminis are made to last! A free matching bag with Velcro straps (to attach to the tower) is always included.

Width at mounting points
67" to 72"
73" to 78"
79" to 84"
85" to 90"
Width at the shoulder frame

In closed position, this bimini has a vertical height of about 43" from the pivot points on or around the tower or arch.

Where to get your measurements

Our Tower Bimini Tops comes with some numbers of Height and Widths . They have a fixed height at 28" and different width at shoulder , width at mounting point.

For example : 28"H x 73" to 78"W & 62"W means that the tower bimini top has 28" height , width at mounting points : 73" to 78" and width at shoulder frame 62".

Mounting hardware A Mounting hardware
is always included
Matching boot A Matching boot
is always included

Most Popular Options

Great selection of colors !


The fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic construction, 9.25 ounces per square yard, with excellent fading and water resistance properties. A breathability treatment is performed on the fabric to prevent mildew. This fabric is recognized worldwide. Ten years warranty against color fading.

  • Heather Beige Heather Beige (6072)
  • Beige Beige (6020)
  • Linen Linen (6033)
  • Linen Tweed Linen Tweed (6054)
  • Silver Silver (6051)
  • Cadet Grey Cadet Grey (6030)
  • Charcoal Grey Charcoal Grey (6044)
  • Charcoal Tweed Charcoal Tweed (6007)
  • Black Black (6008)
  • Sunflower Yellow Sunflower Yellow (6002)
  • Rust Rust (6089)
  • Tresco Clay Tresco Clay (6098)
  • Logo Red Logo Red (6066)
  • Dubonnet Tweed Dubonnet Tweed (6006)
  • Concord Concord (6065)
  • Navy Navy (6026)
  • Captain Navy Captain Navy (6046)
  • Marine Blue Marine Blue (6078)
  • Royal Blue Tweed Royal Blue Tweed (6017)
  • Pacific Blue Pacific Blue (6001)
  • Ocean Blue Ocean Blue (6079)
  • Mediterranean Blue Tweed Mediterranean Blue Tweed (6053)
  • Mediterranean Blue Mediterranean Blue (6052)
  • Turquoise Turquoise (6010)
  • Hemlock Tweed Hemlock Tweed (6005)
  • Forest Green Forest Green (6037)
  • Persian Green Persian Green (6043)
  • Jockey Red Jockey Red (6003)
Top Gun

The fabric is made of 100% solution-dyed polyester construction, 11.5 ounces per square yard, with excellent fading and water resistance properties as well as mildew protection. Five year warranty against color fading.

  • Carribean Blue Carribean Blue (463)
  • Royal Blue Royal Blue (464)
  • Harbor Blue Harbor Blue (473)
  • Navy Blue Navy Blue (474)
  • Teal Teal (478)
  • Turquoise Turquoise (466)
  • Forest Green Forest Green (479)
  • Buckskin Tan Buckskin Tan (470)
  • Sea Gull Gray Sea Gull Gray (467)
  • Onyx Black Onyx Black (471)
  • Chocolate Brown Chocolate Brown (469)
  • Hemp Beige Hemp Beige (465)
  • Sunset Red Sunset Red (477)
  • Burgundy Burgundy (476)
  • Charcoal Charcoal (458)
  • Taupe Taupe (459)

Our tops are sewn with resistant anti-wick and solution-dyed polyester, (the thread is water-repellent and fade resistant). The tops are also mildew-resistant and will readily accept zippers in case you wish to add curtains.

The frame consists in solid 7/8" anodised bright-dip aluminum tubing. For widths superior to 78", a 3/4" reinforced tube is added for maximum strength.

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